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Yard Transformations

Successful Yard Transformations Through Landscaping

If you’re looking for a new way to update your home’s exterior, new landscaping can do wonders for your curb appeal. Whether it’s a landscape garden or a water feature, a few updates will instantly make your outside space look stunning. As you search for landscape designers near me, there are a few things to keep in mind as you think about how to perform some amazing yard transformations. Whether it’s a new water feature or a variety of colorful plants, read on to discover some tips to help you create a stunning landscape garden that will transform your outdoor space forever.

Add Edging to Your Landscaping

One of the most impactful yard transformations is when you do more than just update your plants. Add some edging around your landscaping to create a beautifully defined space. Edging with curved shapes will give your yard a modern look. You can use edging made from a variety of materials that ranges from natural stone to wood, wrought iron, and more. Choose the edging that will best complement the current color and style of your home for a seamless transformation.

Pick the Perfect Plants

Look for landscape designers near me who understand your local zone and climate. These professionals know which native plants will look best in front of your home, and they can help you find the right plants for your specific location. When you pick native plants, you’ll create a landscape that thrives. Not only are native plants beautiful, but they’re also much easier to maintain and keep alive since they’re already familiar with your soil, climate, and sunlight cycles.

Mix and Match

You don’t have to just plant the same type of trees or shrubs when you update your landscaping. In fact, mixing and matching a variety of plants will add lots of visual interest to your home’s curb appeal. To really transform your yard, plant a variety of species in different heights and colors. The mixture of plant life will give your landscape a much more natural look, and it will also prevent the updated design from looking too uniform and boring. Plant a variety of flowers and shrubs in different colors to give your home’s exterior an interesting and vibrant, eclectic aesthetic.

Create a Walkway

A charming garden path adds character to your yard. Install some pavers or lay down concrete to create a pathway through your backyard or garden space. You can also do this in front of your house so that you have an attractive walkway leading to your front door. Your new walkway can be made of stone, brick, or even wood to give an outdoor space some definition and a more uniform look. Always rely on our team of professionals if you need advice about your design. If you prefer not to use stone or brick, you can always carve out a walkway and fill the area with mulch. We can help you pick the right materials and ensure that everything is installed correctly.

Bring in a Water Feature

Whether it’s a pond, water garden, or fountain, this option will definitely elevate the look of your yard. Water features create a sense of calm and peaceful tranquility in a backyard, garden, or patio area. You can choose a large or small water feature and enhance it with natural rocks, koi fish, and lily pads. Visit our website to learn more about our water features and how we can help you design the ultimate backyard of your dreams. With the right team, it’s easy to perform these yard transformations to create a stunning backyard that you’ll love.

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