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Pond and Water Features

Enhance Your Home with Pond and Water Features

If you’re looking for a new way to elevate your outdoor space, pond and water features can be the perfect solution. From a new water pond design to a stunning outdoor feature wall, this is a smart way to elevate the look of your deck, patio, or porch while bringing a beautiful and tranquil component to the space. More people than ever before are spending their free time outside, which is why it’s so important to consider adding a water pond design to your home. Read on for some creative ideas for fish pond construction and design, as well as some pond and water features that will instantly enhance and elevate your outdoor space.

Koi and Water Pond Design

A koi pond which is often also referred to as a water garden is a highly rewarding outdoor feature. This stunning feature is self-sustaining once it’s installed, and it actually requires very little maintenance to keep up. Not only will this fish pond construction and design add visual interest to your backyard, but it also gives you some new pets to take care of. Koi fish come in a variety of vibrant, stunning colors which makes them a beautiful addition to any backyard. Add some plants to your water pond for a touch of greenery and some gardening fun. With the right pond design and construction, this water feature is a great way to enjoy a bit of nature right in your backyard or patio.

Water Outdoor Feature Wall

An outdoor feature wall is an easy way to add visual interest to your backyard space. Make this feature even more unique by incorporating water into the design. A sleek feature wall with a light trickle of water running down will add a tranquil, calming vibe to your backyard. Install a rock wall, and have the water gently flow down into a small pond below. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating an outdoor feature wall. You can install something small or large depending on the size of your backyard, and you can easily add a variety of different elements including rock, plants, wood, or tile for a custom look that wows.


When it comes to pond and water features, there’s nothing quite like the classic fountain. A beautiful fountain will add a calming and soothing sound to your backyard space. It’s also a perfect choice if you want to create a relaxing area where you can sit back, enjoy nature, or just rest and read your favorite book. Fountains come in an endless array of designs and sizes, too. Look for something that complements the rest of your home for a cohesive look. Whether it’s a modern fountain or one with a nature theme, this is one of the easiest yet most striking ways to bring a water feature to your backyard or patio.

Bridges and Ponds

If you really want to enhance your fish pond construction and design, consider building a large pond with a bridge. Adding a bridge will give your backyard an alluring look and it also creates a unique space where you can take a brief stroll. Even if you don’t walk over the bridge, it’s a nice addition to a fish pond. Bridges can be made of wood or stone, and you can use them to hold plants and other varieties of outdoor décor if you choose. Installing a bridge will give your backyard an additional feature that makes it look and feel peaceful and beautiful. Add some lily pads to your pond to create a beautiful ecosystem. This feature will attract a variety of wildlife including frogs and a variety of birds.

Trailing Stone Ponds and Waterfalls

If you have the extra space, consider a trailing stone layout for your pond design and construction. A traditional pond is usually perfect if you have a small backyard or live in the city, but those with large backyards can benefit from installing this specific feature. A multilevel pond consisting of large stones will create a tranquil running water effect. This design utilizes several layers or levels of rock with a variety of pooling areas throughout. It gives your outdoor space some additional texture and plenty of visual interest. Complete the design by planting a few different species like hostas, grasses, and native flowering shrubs or vines. With the right water feature, you can literally transform your backyard and turn it into a peaceful space that you’ll treasure for years to come.

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