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House Front Balcony Design

How to Update Your House Front Balcony Design

When it comes to outdoor construction, there are plenty of unique things you can do to improve curb appeal. While patio transformations may wow your guests, what if your home has a balcony? Thankfully, with a few tips and tricks, you can enjoy a new house front balcony design that is just as beautiful as those with large backyards. A balcony is traditionally a small space where you sit or stand to look out at the landscape or the city below. And while it doesn’t require a lot of outdoor construction, there are still lots of things anyone can do to give this part of the home a more comfortable, inviting vibe.

To begin your new house front balcony design, take the measurements and write them down. You can even draw your balcony’s shape on paper, noting the length and width in the number of feet and inches. This crucial step is key to determining just how much you can add to the balcony, like potted plants or custom outdoor furniture. With the measurements in hand, it’s time to get ready to transform this amazing part of your home. Start by cleaning the entire balcony off and sweep it clean to remove dirt and debris. If you’re unhappy with the balcony floor, consider installing gorgeous travertine or mosaic tile to give it a brand-new look.

Depending on how your house is facing, you might want to take part in a bit of outdoor construction and install some kind of awning. Having an awning or shade over the balcony will make it a much more comfortable and inviting place to spend your time. Add some comfortable furniture to your balcony, like a bistro set with a round table. We create gorgeous custom outdoor furniture that can easily be configured to fit into any space, large or small. The furniture will anchor your balcony and give it a purpose. If a bistro set is not what you want, add a comfortable outdoor sofa, loveseat, or chaise lounge so you have a place to relax your cares away.

Plants are part of almost all successful patio transformations, and the same applies to your front balcony. Add some potted plants and place them in stylish planters that add a splash of color, texture, and design to this space. You can add small trees, flowering bushes, or climbing vines to your balcony area. Just a few plants will instantly bring your balcony to life and give it a fresh, cheerful look. Finally, don’t forget some outdoor lighting when you do your balcony makeover. Some string lights hung around the banister or an outdoor floor lamp are both great options. With the right furniture and accents in place, you can watch your balcony transform right before your eyes.

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